How do we build partnerships?

We've seen it play out too many times - an investment is made in a sponsorship, marketing or agency partnership only to languish because of an inability to activate and/or manage the partnership. We've sat on both the sell side of the table as well as the buy side of the table; we've sat on the client side of the desk as well as the agency side of the desk. Rely upon our experience and street smarts to help you optimize your partnership investments.


Know your partner

Ally. Cohort. Collaborator. Partner in crime. Crony. All of these apply when describing a good partner. And, that we're in this together mentality is what makes successful partnerships successful. In our experience, our best partnership relationships took place when there was trust, a desire to collaborate, and a shared desire to not only dream big and win big, but have fun in the process. Know your partner before he or she becomes your partner - that's how we approach advising you on building the right partnerships for your brand or business.

Product and services

Partnership Evaluation+

Use our Partnership Evaluation+ service to evaluate your agreement(s), determine the financial value of the partnership, develop possible activation strategies and programming, and suggest ways to optimize the relationship including re-negotiation of the deal, if necessary. In sum, we have helped many clients not only make better use of their partnership investments but also reduce their costs in the process.

Partnership matchmaking

What's the right sponsorship or partnership for you? Let us help - we've got over 20 years of lifestyle marketing experience that has consistently delivered above expectation results because of having the right partnerships in place. We can analyze your needs based upon company business goals and marketing objectives, coupled with target audience focus, to deliver the right opportunities for you.

Client-Agency partnership audit

How does an agency not only prosper, but survive, in an era where agency workloads are growing but client fees and agency headcount are not? The biggest challenge is to develop a client-agency partnership that works for both parties and is built on trust, shared values, and a desire to help each other succeed. Our client-agency partnership audit diagnoses relationship issues, addresses them, and provides a get-well plan that results in a healthier partnership.

Lifestyle marketing partnership experience